Dave’s Practical Fixie

This was meant to be a simple hack bike for getting around Manchester, but things got a bit out of hand...

Columbus Zona tubing

Integrated rear pannier rail

Custom fillet brazed stem

Supernova front and rear dynamo lighting, with internal wiring

H Plus Son Archetype rims on SP Dynamo / Fomula Hubs, hand built by revolveMCR

Vittora Voyager Hyper tyres, 700 x 38c (for the austerity potholes and re-emerging cobbles!)

Paul Component Engineering Racer brake with dedicated mounts

Stainless mudguards

Cloth tape / cork / twine handlebar grips and top tube protector

Base and lacquer sprayed by Chris, enamels brush painted by Sarah in between


It’s been a cracking bike, I’m chuffed to bits with it. Totally practical, comfortable and low maintenance, but still fun and lively to ride thanks to the progressive low trail geometry. If I was going to change anything I’d be tempted to fit a front disc brake and belt drive, but Sarah would never forgive me if I screwed up that paint job